Supporting Practice-based Learning in Retirement


Paramedics inevitably will make a difficult decision to retire from the NHS, with years of knowledge, skills and expertise in clinical practice and leadership roles. Having an opportunity to share this and support the future workforce may be an attractive option., (Clinical Fellow with HEE) is developing a quick reference guide aimed at employers and individuals considering retirement (or who have already retired) to consider their options in retaining staff expertise to support the development of learners. The user-friendly guide and two e-learning modules will be available in the early summer. They will highlight the benefits to taking this staying connected, offering some models of practice-based learning and associated resources and suggest some practical methods of applying the guidance in organisations. There will be resources signposting individuals to a whole range of information including implications for pensions, NHS England & Improvement Retention Programme and the HCPC Return to Practice process.

We will update you as soon as it is released.

Bob Fellows FCPara, Head of Education, College of Paramedics.