Our Membership Survey Results 


As many of you will know, we ran an in-depth Membership Engagement Survey in June to gain a better understanding of what you want from us as your professional body so that we can deliver a service that is more closely aligned to your needs.

I'd like to thank everyone that took the time and trouble to complete our survey and provide additional feedback via the open text boxes. We know how busy you are which is why we were so pleased with the level of response we received.

The winners of our survey prize draw will be announced shortly.


A total of 2,345 members from all 10 regions and beyond completed our survey – that's around 11% of our membership, which is an excellent result.

The overwhelming majority of responses were positive and the feedback was extremely helpful and in most cases, constructive. There is a general consensus that the College is doing a good job and the benefits and services we offer are largely well received. There is also clearly room for improvement and many of you have provided practical suggestions of ways we can do this.

The overwhelming majority of feedback was constructive and helpful, with new ideas, fresh insights and offers of assistance.

As you would expect, there were also a few criticisms and we will be taking these on board to see where lessons can be learned, while keeping all views in perspective.

Next steps

We will be working our way through the results and the thousands of individual comments provided, with a view to:

• Reassess our agenda and reshape it where necessary
• Decide which elements should be fed into existing work streams, project groups and task forces
• Identify which areas are new and important, and therefore need to be actioned separately in the immediate, short, medium and longer term
• Communicate the key findings and actions arising from the survey and provide ongoing information and updates on our progress
• Launch a PR campaign to shine a spotlight on paramedic safety and to lobby for the more stringent application of custodial sentences for the worst offenders

Thanks again to those of you that were able to input into our survey. It's very much appreciated.

Stay safe and I look forward to sharing further updates with you in due course.

Kind regards,

Tracy Nicholls FCPara

CEO of the College of Paramedics