Nominate an AHP colleague for a 2022 CAHPO Award


Nominate an AHP colleague for a 2022 CAHPO Award

The Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (CAHPO) awards are an annual opportunity to recognise and celebrate the vital contribution and impact that Allied Health Professions (AHPs) make towards improving health, care, and wellbeing, of the people and populations they serve. This year, the awards take place virtually on the 13th of October, the evening before AHPs’ Day. 

Nominations for the awards can be made between 9 May – 19 June and are open to all 14 of the allied health professions from all parts of the AHP Community. As the third largest clinical workforce in the NHS, you can find AHPs across all health and care settings, working collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams, delivering impactful and essential services across England.

If you are an AHP or work closely with an AHP or a team of AHPs this is an opportunity to celebrate AHP excellence, acknowledging and sharing examples of innovation, improvement, and best practice across a range of award categories. You can read more about the awards and a description of each category on the AHP team web pages.

To nominate yourself or an AHP colleague for an award, you can submit a nomination here: Chief Allied Professions Officer Awards 2022 - NHS England - Citizen Space

For any queries relating to the awards email