New Funding Award Call: COVID-19 and Stroke Grant



The Stroke Association is the UK’s leading stroke charity. For over 30 years the charity has supported stroke research to improve prevention, treatment and care for people affected by stroke.  

Early clinical reports have linked COVID-19 to an increased risk of stroke, which has raised a lot of public and organisational interest and concern. The charity has therefore launched a funding call focused on addressing research questions to understand the potential causal links and mechanisms between COVID-19 and stroke.

The award offers up to £60k over up to 12 months. We welcome grant proposals in data analyses, epidemiological analyses, systematic reviews, basic laboratory science or early developmental/proof of concept studies. We are not expecting to fund new cohort or clinical studies through this funding scheme. You can find out more about eligible research on the Stroke Association website.

The deadline for applications for the charity’s COVID-19 and Stroke Grant Award is 5pm on Monday 19th October. Find out more, and apply on the Stroke Association website.