Infection Prevention and Control


The pandemic has thrust infection prevention and control (IPC) into the spotlight like never before, and huge efforts have been made locally, regionally and nationally to maintain the highest level of excellence, instilling confidence in our local communities.

Compliance with IPC measures will be critical in healthcare settings as restrictions ease and more people become vaccinated. To support trusts, NHS England and NHS Improvement has led a project to better understand the complex drivers of behaviours that influence how people act and what support can be offered to improve compliance.

Guided by behavioural science, research was undertaken to gather insight from frontline staff, patients, professional bodies, and clinical and IPC experts to understand what factors influence compliance and co-design interventions and solutions.

The ‘Every action counts’ products suite was developed to address the key themes of the research. The suite includes an implementation toolkit supported by communication and operational resources to strengthen IPC leadership and culture, staff and patient engagement, training, and operational management.

The toolkit and suite of resources is now available here.  

A video which is suitable for staff facing channels is available here.