Health and Care Professions Council Corporate Strategy Consultation


The regulator of all paramedics, the HCPC has opened a consolation on their corporate strategy. You may read it by following the link HCPC Corporate Strategy and of course whilst The College will formally respond, you may wish to also contribute to this important document.

Three key areas are under scrutiny



Four values are under scrutiny

  1. FAIR                              being honest, open and transparent
  2. COMPASSIONATE       treating people with respect, empathy and care
  3. INCLUSIVE                   treating people with respect, empathy and care
  4. ENTERPRISING           treating people with respect, empathy and care


They are also proposing six strategies in relation to this

  1. Continuously improve and innovate
  2. Promote high quality professional practice
  3. Promote the value of regulation
  4. Develop insight and exert influence
  5. Build a resilient, healthy, capable and sustainable organisation
  6. Be visible, engaged and informed