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Practice Guidance for Paramedic Independent and Supplementary Prescribers



You are invited to have your say on the College of Paramedics Practice Guidance for Paramedic Independent and Supplementary Prescribers which is due for review and updating. 
This Practice Guidance provides information that underpins the decision-making and actions of paramedics who are annotated with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as independent and supplementary* prescribers.   
This document provides ‘guidance.’ In this sense, guidance is information that a paramedic has a duty to consider and is expected to take into account as part of their decision-making process. The document provides advice on the behaviours and conduct expected of paramedics who are annotated on the HCPC register as independent and supplementary prescribers. Throughout this document, the use of the word ‘must’ indicates a legal and/or regulatory requirement and describes a mandatory action and/or behaviour. The use of the word ‘should’ indicates behaviours and/or actions that would be expected to occur in all normal circumstances. Each section of this guidance carries equal weight and the document is not ordered in any priority. 
If a paramedic independent prescriber deviates from the guidance in this document, the clinical judgment for so doing should be carefully recorded. You should comply with this Practice Guidance, other guidance issued by the College of Paramedics, and with any statutory requirements applicable to your prescribing practice. Failure to do so may put your HCPC registration at risk if concerns are raised about your fitness to practise. A paramedic independent prescriber will be expected to justify any decision to act outside the terms of this guidance. In particular, if the paramedic undertakes a course of action not recommended by this guidance there must be robust reasons for doing so. 
Your views are important to us and we welcome your comments, suggestions or any amendments relating to the content of the guidance by 31st October 2020 at the latest.  
We ask that you submit your comments confirming your Name, Email Address and College of Paramedics Membership Number directly to Helen Lumber who is coordinating the response on behalf of David Rovardi and Andy Collen. Helen can be contacted via email at Helen.Lumber@collegeofparamedics.co.uk 

Please could you assist us by ensuring that your teams are aware of this opportunity to have their say; particularly colleagues who don’t routinely have access to emails or the web page. 
Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback. 


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