Four New Appointments Made To The Paramedic Council


The College of Paramedics would like to announce four new appointments made to the Paramedic Council.

The College of Paramedics would today like to welcome the following four member representatives to the Paramedic Council. They are: 

Scott Howie – Military and Overseas

Jon Price – North West

Darran Griffiths – Wales

David Huckin – East Midlands

Each representative put themselves forward for the role and was nominated by four members from their region. The Military and Overseas position was the only role determined by an election as there was more than one candidate standing.

As the new member representative for Military and Overseas, Scott Howie says: “I hope to bring together opportunities for both the military and civilian sectors so that they may learn from each other, sharing best practice and experience’.
Within the RAF, Scott has held down a number of roles including being the only paramedic within the RAF Mountain Rescue Service, deploying healthcare in Afghanistan and Romania and overseeing the RAF Paramedic Clinical Hub within London Ambulance Service. 

For Jon Price, being the member representative for the North West won’t exactly be a new experience given that he’s been the interim representative for this region for the last five months.
Back in March, Jon acknowledged that representation in the North West was traditionally very poor and said he wanted to change that.
Now, as he continues into a full term as North West’s representative, he admits he’s delighted to have the opportunity to build on the progress he’s made. 
“The support I have received to date has been fabulous,” he says. “And I am looking forward to further engaging and interacting with paramedics from across the region to ensure that they are kept informed of the College’s work and that their voices are heard by the Paramedic Council and the wider College team.”

Darran Griffiths is equally passionate about ensuring the views of paramedics in Wales are heard by the College so put himself forward to be their member representative. 
A paramedic and College member since 2005, Darran believes his experience in building good relationships with external partners and stakeholders throughout his career will help him represent our Welsh members. “I feel that with my experience in clinical management I am very good at organising my workloads which would be an advantage in terms of the time I can commit to meetings and tasks given by the College,” he said.

Thanks to 15 years spent working in the education sector as a teacher and then a consultant getting schools out of special measures, followed by the last seven years in health care, where he is currently working as a paramedic for East Midlands Ambulance Service, David Huckin says he is no stranger to governance and believes he possesses ‘the transferable skills to be able to sit on the Paramedic Council and represent my esteemed colleagues who I have the privilege to work with.’
As the member representative for East Midlands, David says: “I am passionate about developing the role of paramedic in the UK and am always excited to see how the profession is beginning to branch out into other areas such as GP surgeries and the criminal justice system.”

The Paramedic Council is the collective voice for the members and the communities they represent, ensuring that the members’ voice is ever-present in shaping the strategic direction and vision of the College. The Council, which has representatives from across the UK, also plays a leading role in helping to build on the College’s existing work and the future of the profession.
The College will be holding bi-elections in the Autumn and is looking for member representative candidates for Scotland, Northern Ireland, the North East and West Midlands. Further details can be found here