Congress to Vote on the First Iteration of the College of Paramedics Bylaws Since Our Recent Governance Restructure


Congress to vote on the first iteration of the College of Paramedic bylaws since our recent governance restructure

Today your member representatives and Trustees have been asked to review and approve the new bylaws that provide the procedural details for enacting the College of Paramedics Articles of Association.

You can read the draft they are considering here.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email Imogen Carter, Executive Officer at the College of Paramedics ( Their deadline for voting is the end of Wednesday 15th December. 

We are just at the beginning of our new governance structure and this first iteration of Bylaws has the basic governance essentials that allow the College to function. 

After approval, any necessary changes to these bylaws can be discussed, made and approved in a straightforward process. Additionally, bylaws that provide the details of aspects of the Articles not yet covered in these bylaws, may well need to be written. 

If you have any changes to put forward or any suggestions for further College bylaws, please email Imogen Carter.