College of Paramedics Members in Favour of the New Governance Restructure


Result of the member vote on the SPECIAL RESOLUTION: THAT the Articles of Association of the Company be altered so as to take the form of the Articles of Association attached hereto, in substitution for, and to the exclusion of, any articles of association of the Company previously registered with the Registrar of Companies.

Thank you to our members who attended our three member engagement sessions and our EGM.

Thank you also to those members who voted - 1,156 members cast their vote, either in April or in May/June. 22 of these were cast by members during the poll at the EGM via Civica Election Services (CES), while the rest were cast by proxy via CES. This is a very encouraging turn out from within our (at the time) 14,599 voting members and shows us how important the College governance structure is to our members.

The vote closed at 13:15 on Tuesday the 8th June, being extended 15 minutes along with the end of the EGM, to accommodate answers to questions from members. CES hold the results of the vote and have informed us that our members have voted to approve our new governing document, the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

The details:

To view the Report of votes from Civica Election Services click here.

We are delighted to receive this approval, it will allow us to implement our new governance structure at our AGM 14th September 2021.

We are now entering a transitional phase and we will update you on next steps in the coming weeks.