College of Paramedics Elections 2020

The College of Paramedics is seeking members with an interest in representing their colleagues and the paramedic profession.


The College of Paramedics is seeking members with an interest in representing their colleagues and the paramedic profession.

Nominations are invited by eligible members of the College for the following positions:

Representative Trustee Positions Alternate Positions
Northern Ireland Scotland
Scotland* Wales
Wales* London*
East of England East Midlands*
Great Western* South Central*
East Midlands* South West*
Independent* North West*
Military East of England*
  Great Western*

*Denotes a vacancy or casual appointment

In accordance with the College of Paramedics Articles of Association and Bylaws 4 and 5, notice is given of the above positions for election to enable formal declarations to be made at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the College of Paramedics on Wednesday 13th May 2020. It is important that members wishing to stand for election should familiarise themselves with Bylaws 4 and 5 which are available to download on the College’s website.

Eligible members are full members who are currently subscribed with the College of Paramedics and only full and subscribed members are eligible to stand and to vote. The only exceptions to this are the student member and student alternate seats which are non-voting positions on the Board and are thus open to student members for nominations and open to all student members to vote for candidates entering the elections. 

Full members wishing to stand for election will need to receive nominations from four full and subscribed members and students members wishing to stand should receive nominations from four subscribed student members.

The Articles of Association, Bylaws and the Trustees Duties and Commitments are available as related links to this notice.

Board Structure

The Board structure is currently under review and an announcement regarding this will be made at the Annual General Meeting. It is proposed the Representative Trustees will form a Council, whilst the Trustee Official positions (not included in this election process) will form the Board. If you have any questions regarding the structure, the roles or the election process please contact Penny Jones, Head of Administrative Services ( / 01278 420014).

Timetable for Elections

 The Bylaws set out the general timetable for the electoral process which for 2020 is set out in the table below.  Because the appointments are to be formally announced at the AGM on the 13th May 2020, notice is being given 70 days in advance of the AGM.Nominations must be received within 28 days of the formal notice, which in this case is by no later than 17.00 hours on 1st April 2020. 

Timetable for 2020 elections:

Action Provision Date
Formally give notice of elections   70 days before AGM    4 March 2020   
Nominations to be received Within 28 days of formal notice 1 April 2020
Send out Ballot papers No later than 28 days before AGM 15 April 2020
Ballot papers returned No later than 7 days before AGM 6 May 2020
Board declares ballot At AGM 13 May 2020


Receipt of submissions and nominations

 Members wishing to stand for election for one of the above positions, should ensure their submission and nominations are received by the Company Secretary by no later than 5pm on 1st April 2020. Submissions and nominations can be emailed to and should be marked for the attention of the Company Secretary.  Alternatively they can be posted to:

Head of Administrative Services
The College of Paramedics
The Exchange
Express Park
Bristol Road

The College of Paramedics will commission an independent Company to manage ballots and the count of ballot papers.