Chair of the Paramedic Council - Is This the Role for You? 


We are very happy to be able to proceed with developing our new Paramedic Council, since the members’ approval of our governance restructure earlier this month. The purpose of the Paramedic Council is to represent the voice of the membership within all that the College of Paramedics does.

The first step in order to achieve this, is to appoint a Chair of Council and this is where you come in! We are calling out to our full members to put themselves forward to be our first full Chair of Council, to start the role from the implementation of the new structure at our AGM on the 14th September 2021. The opportunity to put yourself forward will close on the 7th July. Candidates will then be voted on by Congress, using the single transferable vote method.

Rory O’Connor had been Interim Chair of Council, chairing the shadow Council and beginning the process of establishing the role of the Chair of Council as integral to the leadership, drive and collaborative working, that is needed to guide the College through the coming years. Rory will be standing for the Chair role alongside the other candidates.

The College of Paramedics recognises the need and inherent benefit of diversity and inclusion within the organisation and amongst our representatives, and we welcome and encourage full members, of all backgrounds, to stand as candidates.

Read more about the Paramedic Council and this opportunity to be involved within the College here.