Cancellation of ‘The Future is Bright’ Future Workforce Mental Health Project Conference and the First Contact Practitioner Portfolio Support Event


Tuesday 19th July 2022, Birmingham

The College understands that CPD remains one of the main reasons for becoming a member of the College of Paramedics and we aim to continue growing our CPD offering in the months to come. However, the forecast of record-breaking temperatures for today and tomorrow, and the critical infrastructure impact has become so great that we feel, with regret, that we have no alternative but to cancel some of our face-to-face events that were due to take place in Birmingham tomorrow (Tuesday 19th July), with Birmingham seemingly at the epicentre of the warning.

We apologise for the late notice as we would ideally have liked to make this decision last week, but we were unsure of the plans of the major travel providers, and it appears that they have cancelled or intend to cancel all major routes in the area affected by the red weather warning. Friday was also consumed by press requests asking the College Comms team to comment in the media about the unacceptable hospital handover delays, so we apologise that this decision has been made later than we would have liked.

We would still be delighted to see you at our virtual CPD and AGM despite this postponement, so please do register for this on-line event using the link here

I am sorry we have had to take this decision, but your health and welfare is always so important, and it is highly likely that any travel to this event may have led to attendees being stranded or stuck in the inevitable road problems that we are already seeing today.

Tracy Nicholls
Chief Executive