Be Part of the Royal British Legion’s 2022 Remembrance Campaign


In 2022, The Royal British Legion's theme for Remembrance is around the concept of 'service', and they would like to invite members of the College of Paramedics to take part.

As part of the Legion’s Remembrance remit, they remember both the armed forces and the emergency services, and as such are looking to feature stories of service through different prisms – military and civilian, different types of service, and the various backgrounds of those who serve. They would particularly like to capture the notion of service through the lens of paramedics – whether that’s working through the early days of the pandemic, supporting your local community or going above and beyond for your patients. The focus of this article is very much on the individual, their personal experience and providing an essential service. It is not a historical narrative of the event.

They are looking to include 2 or 3 testimonials from the College of Paramedics and you must be happy to include a picture of yourself. 

The article will appear on The Royal British Legion’s website as part of their educational and community engagement resources.
For more information about taking part in this initiative please contact Elizabeth Shipton on by Tuesday 28 September.