BBC Documentary: Mental Health


BBC Documentary: Mental Health

The BBC are looking for emergency service workers to take part in a documentary for a BBC One show called We Are England.  

They are looking for emergency workers who are willing to speak about their own mental health, to take part with a police project called Surfwell.

Surfwell uses surfing, action centred therapy and group therapy as a way of supporting mental health and improving service delivery through reduced sickness, enhanced performance and improved wellbeing of staff. This could be burn out from work, PTSD from a traumatic event or other new or long-standing conditions.  

They are looking for people who have not taken part in Surfwell before. If you, or someone you know, may be interested in taking part (filming likely to be 6th & 7th July) please email with some brief information about you and a phone number. 

You can watch a similar documentary from the We Are England team about mental health and emergency services here.