Advice on writing to your MP:

1. Include your address and state that you are a constituent of that area.

2. Be clear that you would like your MP to support this issue and ask them to elevate the concern to the Department of Health and Social Care.

3. Include some history of the problem – see details of the problem on the main page.

4. Mention that from September 2021, The HCPC have made it compulsory for all new paramedics to have a BSc qualification. Therefore, Paramedics will receive the same level of qualification as other Allied Healthcare Professionals who receive funding.

5. Describe why people wishing to study paramedic science as a second degree are sought after and what life experience they can bring to the profession.

6. Explain how paramedics have helped the United Kingdom through the COVID-19 pandemic. UCAS describes ‘Paramedics as the Firefighters of Healthcare’.

7. The inequality of funding also denies these students access to the Learning Support Fund which the NHS describe as a grant to support the financial implications of training and maintenance costs, which is experienced by all students.