A Note of Appreciation



Occupational therapist Kate Guy has been in touch to say a huge ‘thank you’ to paramedics for the ‘invaluable’ information they provide on patients who are admitted to hospital.

Recently, Kate was assigned a locum position as an occupational therapist at St Richards Hospital in Chichester where she says she, physiotherapists and doctors came to greatly rely on the patient information paramedics supplied.

She said: “As an Allied Health Professional I would like to praise paramedics for the quality of information they retrieve from patients before bringing them in to hospital. This information has proved invaluable time and again, not just on admission but throughout the patient’s entire hospital stay. It offers me, as their occupational therapist not only a comprehensive and pertinent summary of why the patient was admitted to hospital in the first place but also an account of their social situation and medical history.

She added: “The communication skills which paramedics demonstrate on a daily basis are vitally important to the overall care and treatment patients receive. It’s thanks to paramedics, that doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists have access to accurate and significant patient information.
“To my mind, it is the best and most useful information a hospital has in reference to patient care and knowledge.”