Professor Malcolm Woollard Honours Scholarship

The webinar hosted by the College of Paramedics about the details of the Scholarship, which took place on the 13th January, can now be found here.

A fantastic opportunity has emerged which will enable one FULL member of the College of Paramedics to undertake a research project enrolled with Monash University (Australia) and the College of Paramedics. 

Professor Malcolm Woollard (1962 – 2018)

Background to Scholarship 

Malcolm Woollard was one of the first critical care and consultant paramedics in England and was a Past-Chair of the College of Paramedics and one of its founding members. He held many senior positions including: senior manager and leader in the Welsh Ambulance Service, Director of the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care Research Unit at the James Cook University Hospital’s Department of Academic Emergency Medicine and a Visiting Professor in Pre-hospital Emergency Care at the University of Teesside, and Professor in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Coventry University.  

Globally, Malcolm was internationally regarded as one of the top paramedic researchers and methodologists. He was very well published in some of the top medical and healthcare journals. He also served on numerous editorial boards for high quality journals including Emergency Medicine Journal. In addition to his many individual professional achievements, Malcolm was a ground-breaking and tireless advocate for the paramedic profession through his efforts to improve education and encourage paramedic-led research. He was an outstanding mentor for paramedics at various stages of their career development, whether they were clinicians, managers, or academics. 

Malcolm was very well known and highly regarded in Australia. He was a Visiting Professor at Charles Sturt University and an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Monash University. He was a regular speaker at the Australasian College of Paramedicine conferences for many years and very significantly a great supporter at Student Paramedicine conferences in Australia. These addresses and workshops reflected his professional activities back in the U.K., where Malcolm was one of the driving forces and professional voice of the paramedic profession.   

Without the leadership, vision, and commitment of individuals like Malcolm, paramedic education and scholarship would not at the standard that it is today in the U.K., or indeed around the world. This scholarship provides an opportunity to continue Malcolm’s Australian-U.K., legacy and build strong foundations for the future direction of research in paramedicine. 
Professor Malcolm Woollard Honours Scholarship 
Benefits Full scholarship ($35,900 AUD) 48 credit points paid for a maximum of 1-year full time equivalent only.  

Number offered -1 scholarship is available per academic year. 

Enrolment modeStudents must enrol full time (1-year) for this qualification.

Selection Based on application form, academic achievement, CV and interview. 

Eligibility(all conditions must be met) 
            1.          Be a United Kingdom (U.K.) citizen. 
            2.          Registered Paramedic with the Health & Care Professions Council. 
            3.          A member of the College of Paramedics.
            4.          Must be able to evidence at least 30 credits of successful study at final year of a BSc/BA degree (with or without honours) or equivalent; must demonstrate evidence of having successfully studied research methods within a diploma/degree programme or equivalent.

Project Scope - The proposed project should have a focus on improving clinical practice, patient care and/or the professional standing of paramedics. 

Retention - You must maintain enrolment in the Bachelor of Paramedicine (Honours) and maintain satisfactory academic performance as determined by the Department of Paramedicine at Monash University.  This will be determined by a brief report from the student's honours supervisors. 

Supervision - Primary supervision will be provided by an academic from Monash University, while secondary supervision will be provided by an academic from the College of Paramedics.   

How to apply
Send an email to Associate Professor Kelly-Ann Bowles that includes:
A completed application form.
A copy of your CV.

Closing date Tuesday 8th February 2022

If you have any questions about this please contact:

This webinar hosted by the College of Paramedics, on the 13th January, contains the details of the Scholarship.