Qualification / Assessment Development Associate


Job title: 
Qualification / Assessment Development Associate (Clinical / Driving)
Contract type: Freelance associate agreement
Reports to: Head of Development
Salary: Attractive rates of pay, based on experience 


To contribute to the development of End-point Assessment materials, qualifications, components and/or assessment materials. The role is principally to ensure that these documents support Learner achievement, and can lead to valid assessment and meet regulatory requirements. This may be through providing guidance on rules of combination, writing, or reviewing units, writing indicative content and sample assignments and/or suggesting appropriate resources. This role requires someone who has good communication skills and a good standard of written English. They should be confident in their IT skills and be able to work to deadlines.

 Key Responsibilities 
  • Produce original assessment items and tasks to ensure that the content is clear, fit for purpose, and inclusive in design.
  • Provide indicative content and suggested resources for qualification components.
  • Write sample assessment materials that cover the learning outcomes and assessment criteria.
  • Produce working draft materials and edit them in response to the results of testing and feedback from stakeholders.
  • Be responsible for maintaining your own ongoing CPD relevant to both assessment practice and industry for which you are designing and developing assessment tasks.
  • Support the Head of Development to ensure technical content is correct and consistent across all products and platforms.
  • Regularly liaise with, and provide project updates to, the Head of Development.
  • Maintain and build awareness of developments within the sectors in which FutureQuals operate, identifying potential opportunities and risks.
  • Identify potential organisations to work with and seek endorsement from.
  • Project-manage multiple development activities to successfully develop and introduce new qualifications and resources.
  • Use excellent proofreading skills to ensure the release of high-quality, consistent products, resources, and assessment materials.
  • Report new developments by competitors to relevant parties within FutureQuals.
  • Use research and insight to identify future products that could be developed.
  • Complete assessment paper standardisation and QPECs.

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To apply for the role, candidates will need to email their CV And cover note to HR@FutureQuals.com.

If you have any questions, you can contact qualifications@futurequals.com who will be able to help.